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Grow Hydrangeas in Any Climate

by Vincent Zhang 05/06/2024

There are many varieties of the popular hydrangea plant, all with unique climate needs. Even though it's possible to grow hydrangeas outdoors in different climates, growing them indoors allows you to enjoy this colorful shrub anywhere you live. Here are some basic care tips for growing hydrangeas inside your home:

Container Choice

One key advantage to growing hydrangeas in pots is the freedom to move them around as needed. To increase flexibility, consider using a pot with wheels or a sturdy plant stand on casters. As your hydrangea grows bigger, the pot will become heavier and more difficult to move around.

When choosing a container, opt for a larger pot than you think you will need. Many plant experts recommend larger containers at least 18 inches in diameter to give your hydrangea room to spread out its roots. A larger pot will also prevent the soil from drying out too quickly.

Water & Light Requirements

Hydrangeas need large amounts of water and sunlight to thrive. When growing them indoors, water regularly and thoroughly so excess water comes out of the drainage hole. You want to prevent the soil from drying out completely, as it will cause your plant to wilt.

As for light, most varieties of hydrangeas do best with at least six hours of sun per day. Place them in south or east-facing windows where there is plenty of light and they will thrive.


Hydrangeas are known for their round, colorful flower clusters. To make the most of this flowering plant indoors, you'll need to give it some regular maintenance. Prune old or damaged branches regularly and deadhead wilted flowers to encourage new growth. Research your particular variety of hydrangea to determine its growth pattern. Some produce new buds from old stems, while others grow completely new stems. Knowing where buds appear will help you prune efficiently and support healthy growth.

Hydrangeas are a staple of many home gardens but can also be a beautiful addition to your indoor plant collection. Consider these tips if you're thinking of growing your own hydrangeas at home.

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